SCW Winning Match Submission – December 17, 2006 ~ NSFW

Let me set the scene here, before we start.

This is a Supreme Championship Wrestling match submission I wrote for their major Pay-Per-View, Wrestlefest V. The event was posted on December 17, 2006. In this match, Shan Toril tries to wrest the SCW World Championship from reigning Champion, Reich.

You will find many nicknames in this narrative, which will most likely confuse you. The intended readers saw these nicknames week in and week out, so they know to whom they belong. For your benefit, here is the list:

Shan Toril: the Behemoth, the Daemon, New Haven Behemoth, the Monster

Reich: German Supreme, Pride of Germany

Blitzkrieg: the Man-Beast

Parts in italics were written by other members of SCW.

Oh, if you find the commentators’ speech a little confusing, this might help: Arnold Vhat has a German accent and Johnny Boah uses Native Canadian slang.

The arena fades to black as all the lights gradually go out. Among the murmurs of the stirring crowd, white light flickers like lightning from the rafters.

Arnold Vhat: Here ve go, Johnny. Diz confrontazion haz built up quite a bit in the pazt few veekz.

Johnny Boah: Boah, this is going to be great!

Suddenly the scream shatters the PC Dome as “The Great Southern Trendkill” blasts from the speakers. Two bolts of white light come streaking to the stage, causing a huge explosion on the stage. Two massive columns of fire go running down either side of the ramp, and when they reach the bottom, all four ring posts erupt like roman candles. As the fire burns on the corners of the ring, a massive curtain of flames forms across the stage at the top of the ramp.

As the fans watch in awe at the spectacle, a massive form launches out from the curtain of fire and lands at the top of the ramp! Steam rises from the broad shoulders as Shan Toril lifts his face to the rafters and screams in rage! His crimson eyes focus on the ring for a few moments before the Daemon slowly makes his way down the ramp.

The fiery orbs remain locked on the referee as the Daemon slowly circles the ring. As the Monster returns to the base of the ramp, the Behemoth grabs the top rope and hauls himself to the apron. He then steps over the ropes and snarls at the official before frantically pacing the edge of the ring.

Arnold Vhat: Shan really zeemz to be eager to get tinkz ztarted.

The arena trembles in anticipation as “Buck Dich” heralds the arrival of the vile and dangerous German Supreme. The loyal SCW fans quickly show their distaste for the malicious yet capable SCW World Champion by banding together in an arena filled A$$HOLE chant. As always, it proves to be a desperate and ineffective tact as the sadistic Pride of Germany simply ignores their callous attempt to even the odds and proudly enters the ring. The monstrous Blitzkrieg eyes his superior’s opponent with a savagery only known to that of lions before a kill.

Brian Dunlop takes the World Championship belt from the current Champion and hoists it over his head for everyone to see. The competitors’ eyes ignore this display, each staying looked on their opponent. The referee eventually hands the belt to an attendant and signals for the bell.

Immediately the challenger charges the Champion. Reich easily sidesteps the first attack, taking the Monster down to the mat with a drop toe hold in the process. The German Supreme displays his prowess by quickly applying an ankle lock!

Johnny Boah: Boah, this can’t end like this! The match just started!

Before Arnold can respond, the New Haven Behemoth powers his way onto his back and pushes his captor away with his free foot. Reich stumbles backward a couple steps while Shan springs back to his feet. The World Champion quickly rushes forward and almost decapitates the Daemon with a vicious clothesline!

Toril refuses to stay down, however, and rushes to get back up. Reich lays in a couple punches before Shan retaliates with his own stiff rights. Soon, the Behemoth gains the upper hand and gets in a few strikes in a row, dazing the Pride of Germany. Unsteady on his feet, Reich swings wildly at Toril’s head, but only manages to get his arm trapped behind the Monster’s head. The German Supreme quickly regains his senses and drives his knee into the Daemon’s gut before he can deliver the Hell Driver. The Champion quickly follows the distraction with a devastating DDT!

Arnold Vhat: Shan hazn’t been able to even get out ov de box in diz match.

Johnny Boah: Boah, and the crowd doesn’t like it.

The fans resume their A$$HOLE chant even stronger than before. Reich sneers at them before snarling something in German at Toril before spitting in his face. This seems to bring the Monster back to life as he springs back to his feet and roars at the Champion. Reich quickly backsteps and slides out of the ring. The challenger quickly pursues him to the floor and stomps after the fleeing Champion.

Reich rounds two corners before jumping onto the apron, right in front of Dunlop. While the German Supreme appears to fight with the official to get out of his way, Shan Toril turns the corner right into a hellacious clothesline delivers by Blitzkrieg!

Arnold Vhat: Dat vaz a low-down dirty trick! Reich vasn’t tryink to get pazt de offizial, he vaz holdink him dere zo he vouldn’t zee the illegal attack!

Johnny Boah: Boah, you expected something different?

Reich instructs his bodyguard to throw the dazed Daemon back into the ring. As the challenger rolls to a stop near the center of the ring, the Champion signals he is finished with this waste of time. The German Supreme grabs the Behemoth’s legs and begins to turn him into the Berlin Wall. Shan snaps out of his daze and fights the attempt. Seconds pass, eternities for the competitors, in which neither of them can gain any ground. Shan remains on his side, his strength preventing Reich from totally turning him over.

Eventually, the World Champion lets go of his opponent’s legs and, before he can get a chance to get up, drops an elbow to the small of his back. Another two elbows fall before Reich finally backs off and invites his adversary to get up. Shan obliges, slowly, only to get dropped to the mat again with a picture-perfect German Suplex!

Johnny Boah: If Shan can’t manage to find some kind of offense, he won’t last too much longer.

Arnold Vhat: I agree vit you.

Reich reaches down and drags Toril to his feet before whipping him to the ropes. On the way back, the New Haven Behemoth picks up steam and surprises the Champion with a vicious spear! The Daemon hops to his feet and roars at the rafters, feeling new adrenaline pumping through his veins.

Now Toril takes his turn to invite his opponent to get back to his feet. As Reich does so, Shan immediately steps into him and sets him up for the Hell Driver. The World Champion senses the danger and drives a few elbows into the back of his enemy’s head. The Daemon simply shrugs off the blows and drives the German into the mat!

Reich rolls away in pain while Shan remains on one knee, clearly not immune to the previous blows. The World Champion gets to the ropes and uses them to get to his feet. As soon as Reich stands erect, the New Haven Behemoth springs forward, delivering a clothesline that sends both men crashing over the top rope to the concrete floor surrounding the ring!

Brian Dunlop steps through the ropes to check on the competitors. He sees Blitzkrieg take a step toward his master and orders him to stay away. The bodyguard ignores him and helps his master back into the ring. Then he goes to a kneeling Behemoth. Before the Man-Beast can do whatever he was planning on doing, the New Haven Behemoth jumps forward and slams the big man to the floor with a Beheading!

The Daemon snarls at the fallen protégé before turning back to the ring. He begins to raise his arm to grab onto the top rope to haul himself onto the apron but stops when the only person he sees in the ring is Brian Dunlop. Before his fiery eyes can locate his adversary, the Monster is trapped in the Pride of Germany!

Johnny Boah: Boah, these two don’t even care that they’re not in the ring!

Arnold Vhat: Diz actually vorkz in Reich’z favor. He retainz the Championzhip iv he iz counted out.

Slowly the New Haven Behemoth fades away as Dunlop orders them back into the ring between his count. In one last ditch effort, the Monster musters his strength and bends forward, lifting Reich off his feet. The German Supreme can do nothing as the Daemon stumbles backward and rams the German’s back into the steel ring post!

Reich crumples to the floor as Shan slowly lumbers up onto the apron to roll into the ring and break the count. The Monster immediately rolls back out, despite Brian’s admonishing. The fiery eyes look down at the World Champion, then along the side of the ring. Shan reaches down and drags the German Supreme to his feet. Then he prepares to whip him along the ring to the steel steps waiting at the other corner.

But Reich somehow finds a way to block the move! Bewildered, Shan looks back to see Blitzkrieg holding his master’s other arm!

Infuriated, the New Haven Behemoth shoves the World Champion into his bodyguard. The German Man-Beast doesn’t take kindly to the display and jumps over Reich to assault the challenger. Shan ducks under the swing and raises the human tank over his head to let him drop throat first onto the guardrail!

The Daemon turns his attention back to his opponent, who has dragged himself back into the ring. Shan hauls himself to the apron to step over the ropes. The Behemoth takes the few steps to reach his nemesis and yank him to his feet. Reich repays the gesture with a quick succession of a kick to the inside of his left knee, followed by an uplifted knee to the chin, and finished with the German Legacy!

Arnold Vhat: De tablez turn onze again.

The World Champion drags the challenger to his feet and places his head between his legs. But before he can perform his Snap Powerbomb, Shan flips him over with a back body drop! The Daemon once again roars at the rafters before turning to his adversary. Reich tries to fight off the Monster’s assault, but soon the sheer force of the punches drive the Champion back into a corner. A few more punches and kicks drive the German Supreme to the canvas. Shan immediately drops down and applies the Lights Out!

Arnold Vhat: Shan bedder vatch vhat he’z doink or he’ll get himzelf dizqualified.

Johnny Boah: Boah, in the meantime, Reich is getting choked out!

Brian Dunlop quickly begins his count for Toril to release the naked choke. Only as the official takes in the breath needed to yell out five does the Monster finally release the hold.

Reich gets no reprieve, however, as the New Haven Behemoth resumes his stomp, grinding the German further into the mat. Once again Dunlop screams his numbers, and once again the challenger lets up at the very last moment.

Shan Toril screams at the crowd, who scream back at him.

Johnny Boah: Boah, listen to these fans!

Arnold Vhat: Never have zo many rooted for the Monzter!

The challenger trots to the opposite corner of the ring and waits for Reich to get up. But while Dunlop checks on the Champion, a forgotten Blitzkrieg jumps onto the apron and clobbers the Daemon with a beefy punch to the back of the head! Toril stumbles forward before turning to see who had hit him. The German bodyguard was already back on the floor, shouting insults in his guttural tongue.

Shan takes a step toward him, but stops, deciding to take care of him after he’s done with his master. The Monster turns back to see the Champion getting to his feet. Toril charges forward, roaring with rage. At the very last moment, Reich steps out of the corner, pulling Brian Dunlop with him. The referee doesn’t know what’s going on and can’t defend himself against he spear that nearly breaks him in half!

The New Haven Behemoth backs out of the corner, thinking the Title will soon be in his hands. A confused look comes over his face when he sees the official slump to the mat. The challenger turns around to find the Champion and suffers the effects of Reich’s Side Slam!

Immediately the German Supreme applies the Berlin Wall, this time managing to fully turn the Daemon and cinching the finisher in. The crowd erupts once again, this time rallying the Behemoth to find the strength to power out. Instead, Shan fades away quickly. But instead of tapping out, he loses consciousness. Reich senses him slack and demands that the referee check him. Unfortunately, Brian Dunlop is still writhing in pain in the corner.

Johnny Boah: Boah, Reich should have the match won!

Arnold Vhat: Zervez him right for de dirty trick he juzt pulled!

Frustrated, the German Supreme lets go of his adversary’s legs and stomps to the side of the ring, where he instructs Blitzkrieg to get him a chair. The Man-Beast quickly yanks a technician off his seat and hands it to his master. The SCW World Champion turns his attention back to the New Haven Mongrel, only to find the ring empty! He instructs his protégé to circle the ring, but neither of them can find him.

Arnold Vhat: Ha! Neidder ov dem zaw dat Toril vaz playink pozzum! He rolled out ov de rink az zoon az Reich turned hiz head!

Johnny Boah: Boah, yeah! But where’d he go?

The New Haven Behemoth pops up from under the apron right behind Blitzkrieg, his own steel chair in hand! Reich was searching for him on the other side of the ring, so couldn’t warn his bodyguard as the Monster brings the weapon crashing onto the back of the Man-Beast head! The World Champion turns to the noise and sees Toril sliding back into the ring. The Pride of Germany snarls his frustration, while the Daemon stretches his back slightly, fighting the damage inflicted by the Berlin Wall.

Both men suddenly charge forward, each brandishing their weapon. Both raise their chairs in the air, and both smash it against the other seat! Steel clatters on steel and both weapons fall to the mat, twisted by the unexpected collision. Both men flick their hands to rid them of the throbbing pain.

Shan Toril recovers first and quickly drives a boot into Reich’s gut. Then the New Haven Behemoth devastates the Champion with an awkward Daemon’s Wrath!

Johnny Boah: Boah chug, it’s over!

Arnold Vhat: Shan can’t capitalize!

Indeed, the Monster slumps to the mat, clutching at his back. It seems the Berlin Wall had done more damage than the challenger had first anticipating. Forcing himself to get to his feet, Shan goes over to the referee and drags him to the fallen carcass of the Champion. Toril covers his opponent and Brian slowly taps the mat…



Reich somehow lifts a shoulder off the mat!!!

Johnny Boah: Boah chug dere, I can’t believe it!

Shan can’t either, slamming his fists on the mat in frustration.

Both men get to their feet and Toril aims to finish things off. Once again he kicks the German Supreme in the gut and hauls him into the air, upside down. This time, Reich wiggles his way free and lands safely behind the Monster, dragging him down with him.

Johnny Boah: Boah, he reversed it!

Shan finds himself leaning backward, about to receive another German Legacy. But before Reich can plant him on the mat, the Behemoth twists his body around and lifts the World Champion onto his shoulders.

Johnny Boah: Boah, he reversed the reversal!

Prepped for the Chaos Fury, Reich frantically wiggles his way free and safely lands behind the challenger.

Johnny Boah: Boah, he reversed the reversed revers…oh forget it!

The SCW World Champion wraps his arms around the Monster’s waist, ready to perform the German Suplex. Reich lifts and suplexes Shan Toril… once… twice… three times…

Iceman comes running down the ramp, slides under the bottom rope ready to strike, but Reich sees him and releases Shan from his grip. Iceman takes a swing but Reich ducks it and delivers a knee to the gut followed by The German Legacy.

Arnold Vhat: Vhoa, Reich zaw him coming!!!

Just then, Frankie Hollywood jumps the railing and gets in the ring. Hollywood rushes Reich, but the German Supreme spins around just in time to catch Frankie Hollywood with a twisting spinebuster.

Johnny Boah: Sweet baby Jesus, Reich’s the man, he’s taking on both members of Miami Ice.

Arnold Vhat: I can zee, I’m vatching the zame match you know.

Chainsaw comes running towards the ring and is just about to slide under the bottom rope when the Man Beast – Blitzkrieg bullrushes him and slams him into the unforgiving steal post shoulder first.

Arnold Vhat: Vhat da hell? Vhy iz everyone coming down?

Tony Revvok jumps the guard railing and climbs onto the ring side when all of a sudden Apocalypse grabs hold of him by the throat with both hands and slams The Shark down to the concrete floor with his patented Fade Out.

Johnny Boah: Where in the blue blazes did he come from?

Suddenly, the Latino El Nino – Idolo comes out from under the ring and sneaks into the ring waiting for his chance to attack. With Reich’s back to The Latino El Nino, Idolo charges and clips Reich’s leg out from underneath him. Reich falls to the mat clutching his leg in pain as Idolo proceeds to ferociously stomp him. Reich quickly recovers and catches Idolo’s stomp and trips him down. Reich quickly gets to his feet ready to finish Idolo off.

The New Haven Behemoth recovers and nails Reich in the crown jewels while Dunlop, still groggy from the crushing spear, is the corner and out of position to see.

Shan quickly deals out the Death Drop!

The New Haven Behemoth falls onto the prone German and Brian taps the mat at a much more regular speed…





© 2006 Supreme Championship Wrestling (SCW)  All rights reserved


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