So, Here We Are

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In my research on ways to promote my fantasy novel Knightfall, I kept finding all these references about how authors should be blogging as much as they could. I had bKnightfalleen loath to start that process because, as those who know me can attest to, I’m not very conversational. I’m also not very long-winded in my writing, so I always felt I would quickly run out of things to talk about.

But I can’t argue with the experts. How could it hurt to increase my digital footprint in the vastness of the World Wide Web? I have to admit that I can’t find a sensible reason. So here I am.

I will put this upfront, so no one will be disillusioned. Because of my “short-windedness”, don’t be surprised if you only see new stuff every few days instead of on a daily basis. I will try to at least show up once a week, but as I will explain within the next few posts, my time is very limited. It also doesn’t help that my attention has to be focused on in few different directions all at once.

I do wish to explain what this blog is all about. As mentioned before, I am an author. The main purpose is, of course, to get the word out about my writing. I won’t pretend this is anything other than a means to get the word out. I’m not a man who beats around the bush and tries to pull the wool over others’ eyes. I will mention my novels and where they can be bought.

That being said, that’s not all this blog will be. If all I wanted was an ad, I’d fork out the cash and have the cover show up on that sidebar on Facebook and Google and anywhere else I could find. I know some will look here to find out more about me, so you will get entries that will reveal a bit about myself.

You will also get to know some of my views on writing and publishing issues, regardless that my “career” as an author has only been short-lived, as of yet. All you have to remember is that all I write here is my personal opinion, which may or may not be backed by fact. I will never claim to be an expert, but if I find the time to write about a topic, it’s because I have a view I would like to share. Do with it what you will.

So for those who wish to see what a Canadian author of Fantasy fiction thinks and feels, stay tuned.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out my debut novel, Knightfall!

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