On To Better Things

Thanksgiving TurkeyFirst, I would like to wish all my Canadian friends a happy Thanksgiving weekend! To all my American amigos, happy Columbus Day weekend!

One thing you must know about me is I constantly struggle with wanting to improve my work. “Isn’t that a good thing?” you might ask. Usually, yes. But you need to draw the line somewhere. If I had the time and the means, I would be publishing a new edition for every novel I have ever written on a yearly basis because there would always be a better word or a bit to add to a scene. Every time I read one of my works, I want to improve it the slightest little bit. But novels are like children. When they have reached maturity, you need to let them go and wish for the best. No one likes a nagging parent telling their adult children how they should run their lives.

For the past few days, however, I have indulged my longings and gone ahead with making a few changes. This time, it has to do with this blog.

During the past month since Marc Labelle – Author of Knightfall‘s inception, I have been taking a closer look at other blogs. I have seen little additions to their sites I wanted to see here, but was unable to incorporate them. For some reasons unknown to me, WordPress.com doesn’t allow its users to add plug-ins to their blogs. I was disappointed to learn this. So I am now doing something about it (nothing too drastic, mind you).

WordpressWordPress.com’s sister site, WordPress.org does allow us to use these plug-ins. All one has to do is download the program and then upload it to your own website. The program is still free and I already had my own website, so the transition is a painless one for me. And I get to do a few more things than I could before!

I ask all of you to make the transition with me. No, I’m not asking you to switch platforms as I did. What I would like is for all of you following this blog to keep doing so on the new site. I will continue to endeavor to entertain and enlighten you as I have in the past. Like every business that relocates, the content remains the same (or hopefully improves), just delivered from a different location. For those bloggers I have been following, you will be getting a new follower in the near future as I subscribe to your updates from the new site.

This will be the last entry posted here. I have already transferred everything to our new home (including all the wonderful comments). All new material will appear at:


Looking forward to seeing you there and hearing what you think about the changes!


~ by Marc Labelle on October 7, 2012.

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