So Who Is This Guy Anyway?

When I’m reading articles and such, this is usually a question I ask myself after I’m done reading the piece. And I only do that if that particular piece spoke to me. But in this case, since I plan on writing for awhile, I better get this out of the way or you may never get to know who I am.Marc Labelle

Of course, I’m not going to start from the beginning and innumerate every single event in my life. Even though I’m still young (unless you’re talking to a teen, than I would be ancient), I could post something on a daily basis for the rest of the year before getting to the start of my writing career. And I promised you in my opening post that this blog would mostly relate to writing.

So let’s forgo all the interesting anecdotes of my youth and get right down to business. Who is Marc Labelle, author?

Well, I’m a guy who hates to repeat himself, especially in print. Having to type things twice is quite tedious, I find. I can barely get through the first edit session of my work, and when writing Knightfall I combed through the manuscript three times before sending it to a professional editor. Then I went through it a fourth time to weigh the editor’s suggested changes. For this reason, I’m just going to cut and paste the bio I have included on my website

If you were expecting to read about how I received a couple degrees in Literature or English, I’m sorry to disappoint. I am simply a man who has stories to tell and seem to have a knack for the English language.
My first urge to sit before a computer and type a few words came at the age of seventeen. The first scene of Knightfall came grudgingly slow, all for naught. It had been written on my dad’s computer and the floppy disc remained behind when I moved back with my mother. All I remember of that first attempt was that it was nothing like how the novel now starts.
To tell you the truth, I had doubts about my talent at that time. That changed a year and a half later when I took that Grade 12 Creative Writing class. An above-average grade and praise from the teacher once a month or so really boosts a young author’s confidence. I also found out that year I might actually be able to sit down and accomplish the daunting task of getting a long story on paper. We were given an assignment that was to be at least 5000 words long. I topped 13000 and had to end the story too abruptly for my liking due to a fast approaching deadline.
So why didn’t I go to university and get those degrees in Literature or English, you might ask? I just wanted to write, not spend all my time learning all the tedious rules. But most of all, I had a stronger penchant for numbers and computers. So my post-secondary education was wasted elsewhere. I say wasted because nothing came of it. But I’m sure you want to learn how my first novel came to be.
In 2005, I left my menial job to become a stay-at-home dad. I also took the opportunity to get that story that had popped in my head when I was seventeen onto paper. Thirteen months later, the first draft of Knightfall was written. Now the hard part was to begin: the editing and the publishing.
I tried the traditional route of getting an agent to find a publisher. A budding agency in New York did take me on, but when the year-long contract lapsed my manuscript was still in my hands instead of on the printing presses. So, in May of 2008, I decided to publish the book myself. All I wanted was to see my work in print, for my friends and family to have a physical copy of my work to enjoy as much as I did. I found a Print-On-Demand company online who would bind the book for me and those who came to me wanting a copy.
A year later, I received an e-mail from that agency that had not been able to help previously. They made up for it by introducing me to Strategic Book Group (now Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency), even though they no longer had any obligations to me. They offered me a larger network of potential buyers and more services to make the book even better. I jumped at the chance. Those pesky errors I noticed after the first publication of Knightfall were corrected and a cover that was more to my liking was created. That story that entered my mind back in 1992 has finally come to fruition.
So what does the future hold? Hopefully many more stories to entertain the masses.
And there you have it, that’s me in a nutshell, as far as my writing career goes. Well, this is just a summary, of course. There are a few more little details I failed to mention, but all my website needed was an overview. I might come back and fill in these gaps, you know, if ever I run out of topics for future posts.
Of course, I’m always open to answering questions. Feel free to ask away. I’m pretty open about almost anything. Just don’t ask me to air out my friends’ and family’s dirty laundry–they can do that themselves.

~ by Marc Labelle on September 6, 2012.

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